Smile with Confidence, let Prevention Works be part of your dental team.

As healthcare has evolved, so has the opportunity for dental hygienists to expand their knowledge, skill, and expertise outside of a traditional dental office.

Prevention Works is a compassionate dental hygiene office that offers patients direct access to their hygienist in a calm, comfortable setting.


Prevention Works is a dental hygiene office owned by Alissa Wade. Alissa has been a dental hygienist for over 20 years and has worked in pediatrics, public health clinics, traditional dental offices and as a clinical instructor at the University of Maine.

She received her independent practice license in 2012, allowing her to open her own business, traveling to public schools throughout the state, providing preventive care for children. Knowing there was a greater need for dental care and wanting to make care accessible for people of all ages, she expanded her practice and opened an office in a permanent location in Bangor Maine.

Mission Statement

To form trusting relationships with patients and their dental team, all while helping patients attain and maintain their oral health wellness by assuring access to quality preventive care, while respecting the decisions patients make in regards to their oral health.

Our Services


  • Dental hygienists are skilled professionals in preventing dental disease (such as decay and gum disease)
  • Affordable, quality care
  • Individualized treatment, assessing each patient for their specific need
  • Consistency, having the same hygienist every time
  • Gives patients the ability to choose their dental team
  • No pressure to have additional services

Advancements in the dental hygiene profession has allowed direct access to care for patients. This permits patients to see a dental hygienist for their preventive care without the presence of a dentist in their office.

There are approximately 40 states that are expanding direct access, but each state varies. Some states require written agreements with a dentist and others limit the number of days a hygienist is allowed to work outside of a traditional office. Colorado, Maine and Canada are 3 areas where hygienists are permitted to own a practice without as many limitations.

We are able to do many of the same services as you would receive in a traditional office such as: cleanings, dental x-rays, sealants, fluoride, etc.

If you currently have dentist it is encouraged for you to continue with that relationship. If you do not, I can refer you to one in the Bangor area. I have a close working relationship with several that would love to be part of your dental team.

We accept most insurances including MaineCare.

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